Four airport employees stand in a line smiling in an airport.

The Future of SAFE for Aviation

Physical identity and access management plays a vital role in the physical security of regulated industries. A particularly unique one is the aviation industry, specifically airports, given the dynamic nature of potential risks and impacts of a security incident.

For the past 10 years, HID SAFE and many airports partnered to deliver a new level of service, efficiency, compliance and security. As technology evolved and we gained experience from credentialing hundreds of thousands of aviation employees and contractors, we embarked on a journey to re-imagine the user experience and platform upon which we were building the best identity management system (IDMS) we could deliver.

We are excited about the latest release of SAFE. The platform had extensive updates, and the user interface and experience improvements will have an immediate impact — helping security and facilities teams get more work done, more easily.

SAFE for Aviation has all the features an airport needs to secure its premises and ensure and enforce compliance. A few highlights:

  1. Automated credentialing issuance process: SAFE for Aviation will work with a vast number of access control systems at your airport today, reducing dependence on your operational teams.
  2. Ability to efficiently tie background checks to credentialing: Leverage your current Livescan/DACS. HID SAFE for Aviation will automate vetting processes (STA/CHRC) and monitor airport worker status in real- time, reducing the risk of insider threats.
  3. Compliance assurance: Highly configurable workflows and standard and ad-hoc reports help airports meet identity-related requirements per governing institutions, like TSA and CATSA. SAFE for Aviation automatically monitors compliance-related data to ensure companies and their workers consistently meet requirements, allowing airports to operate at 100% compliance — including 10%/100% TSA Audits.
Audit & Attestation(10%/100% Employer)Financial Manager(Billing/Invoicing)Infraction Manager(Violations/Penalties)Asset Manager (Issuance/Audit/Tracking)Physical Access Control System(Card #, Access Privileges)Credential Production(Photo, Smartcards, Templates, Etc.)Training(CBT Integration – IET, SSI, Etc.)DACS Integration(TCS, TSA STA, FBI CHRC, DOJ, CPB, Etc.)Optional: Watchlist Mgr.– No Fly/SelecteeLivescan Integration/ Biometric Enrollment(Identix, HID Livescan ManagementSoftware, Morpho)Breeder Document Manager(Paperless Process – IDAuth./E-Signature)AV Reporting & DashboardsOptional: Analytics/TrendingEmployer Manager(Authorized Signatories, Badge Types, Fees, Exemptions, Insurances, Privileges)Biographic InformationCROSS AIRPORT DEPARTMENTSRole-Based UsersAuthorizedSignatoriesAviationSecuritySOC/CommsFinanceTicketing/ViolationsPhysical Identity & Access Management

We look forward to our continued partnership with the Aviation industry and to helping our customers realize maximum value from their SAFE deployment. Whether you are struggling with compliance, need help with automating and centralizing identity and access workflows, or want to see what an upgrade may get you, reach out, we would love to chat.

Matthew Lewis is the Director of Product Marketing for HID Global helping drive the go to market for the Workforce business unit within the Identity and Access Management Solutions business area. He has led product marketing organizations for five years with experience in both vertical and horizontal global markets. Prior to joining HID, he spent time at a global software provider in the energy sector, in the collaboration and communication software space, and marketing cybersecurity products at Entrust.