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HID Global and Citrix Enabling a Passwordless Way to Work

Hybrid work models have offered fantastic opportunities for both employers and employees. Since it’s now expected that employees can access corporate resources from anywhere and at any time, work is no longer bound to an office. While this provides a better way of working for the modern world, IT professionals face the hurdle of deploying authentication solutions that balance security and convenience.

Our partner, Citrix, recently discussed Zero Trust solutions, which address these new challenges in the recent Citrix Launchpad: Security event. An example is Citrix Workspace, an application that enables employees in distributed workforces to secure everything they need to do their job — from apps to files and desktops, in one location and from any device.

As a partner of Citrix, HID shares the vision of a passwordless future and provides solutions that support a better authentication experience for Citrix Workspace users without sacrificing security.

The Citrix and HID Global Partnership in Action

Using passwords to authenticate causes friction, wastes time, and can compromise security. Instead, thanks to the HID and Citrix partnership, Citrix Workspace customers can now deploy Crescendo® authenticators for secure and easy access. The simple tap of a Crescendo card or insertion of a Crescendo security key makes passwordless authentication a reality and eliminates the need for repetitive and insecure passwords. This is made possible through FIDO2 support in Citrix Workspace app for Windows.

During the Citrix Launchpad: Security event, HID and Citrix chatted to discuss this new capability, all things security, FIDO2 and the future of work. Watch below.

In addition to Citrix Workspace, HID Crescendo smartcards and security keys (USB-A and USB-C) give users the power to seamlessly access a diverse range of resources that they might need throughout their day, including:

  • Windows logon
  • IT networks and systems
  • Desktop and cloud applications e.g., Office365, Dropbox, G Suite
  • Authenticating to a device, e.g., printers
  • Access to both physical facilities and digital resources with a single authenticator

Crescendo can form the foundation of a complete multi-factor authentication ecosystem that not only enhances the security of your Citrix environment but also the overall security posture of your organization.

Using Crescendo to seamlessly access Citrix Workspace is easy. Here’s how:

  1. The user simply taps/inserts their Crescendo smart card or inserts their Crescendo security key into a USB port.
  2. After starting Citrix Workspace, the user simply logs on to the desktop app without additional login prompts or the need to enter more passwords.
  3. Now, they can access all published resources within Citrix Workspace, effortlessly getting on with their work.

HID Global’s multi-factor authentication solutions for a safe, secure and productive workforce are now part of the Citrix Ready Workspace Security Ecosystem, helping our mutual customers in their passwordless journey. Find HID’s Crescendo line and its compatibility with Citrix Workspace and Citrix Workspace App for Windows on the Citrix Ready Marketplace.

Want to learn more about HID Crescendo? You can reach out via email or even try Crescendo security keys for free.

Maria MacRitchie leads the product marketing efforts for the IAM Workforce Authentication solution globally. She has over 15 years of experience with B2B and B2C product, services and marketing communications within the IT and telecom industries. Maria has been with HID for 7 years, holding various communication roles within the Professional Services, PACS Cloud Services and Product Marketing teams.