WorkforceID screen and Signo reader with award logo

HID Global Wins Security Today New Product of the Year Awards

Access control and identity access management underpins the security of people, places and things for organizations, facilities and campuses across the globe. These are the first line of defense in verifying identities to assure proper access to both physical and digital spaces. For these reasons, we are excited to announce that Security Today magazine has recognized the HID Signo™ Biometric Reader 25B and HID WorkforceID™ as New Product of the Year award winners.

The Security Today New Product of the Year awards are now in their 13th year and recognize outstanding product development achievements by security equipment manufacturers. Products selected for the award are considered noteworthy in their ability to improve security. The awards span 43 product categories with HID Signo Biometric Reader 25B taking top honors in Biometric Access Control and HID WorkforceID achieving the distinction in User Authentication, Identification, Credentialing and Management.

Why Did HID Global Take Multiple Wins From the Security Today New Product of the Year Awards?

In a year fraught with challenges, launching an innovative new product line is a feat in and of itself. This makes the recognition for HID Signo Biometric Reader 25B and HID WorkforceID even more meaningful. We are delighted to be recognized by Security Today and it is a fantastic achievement for the HID Global team.

The addition of the HID Signo Biometric Reader 25B to our signature line of access control readers provides an innovative, performance-enhanced fingerprint authentication reader with a dynamic approach to secure access control in real-world environments.

HID Signo Biometric Reader 25B key features include:

  • Multiple authentication modes for the flexibility to react to changing environments through a range of different credential technologies in a variety of form factors
  • Match reliability with patented multi-spectral imaging sensor that reads the subdermal layer of the skin for better accuracy — even wet, cold, dirty or dry settings
  • Future ready with native OSDP capability, field configuration management and support for software upgrades over the network 

A highly awarded solution, HID WorkforceID also received a Gold Govie Award in the User Authentication, Identification, Credentialing, and Management category last year. The Security Today New Product of the Year award recognizes HID WorkforceID as a solution that uniquely unifies digital and physical identity access management and credential issuance through a single platform, removing barriers to physical access and identification through automated, cloud-based processes.

HID WorkforceID comprises a set of cloud-based applications where key features include:

  • Credential management that automates badging workflows across the employee lifecycle, including issuance, management and revocation in a secure and compliant manner
  • Enterprise-grade visitor management that streamlines and simplifies the visitor experience for visitors, vendors, contractors and employees from sign-in to sign-out, plus everything in between and after
  • Simple, flexible multi-factor authentication for secure access to applications and data from anywhere
  • Digital credential manager that provides highly secure lifecycle management of digital credentials for secure access to networks and cloud apps through a single system

Innovation Never Stops, Even for New Product of the Year Winners

Such acknowledgments solidify our direction and drive us to be better, to work tirelessly on the practical implementation of innovative ideas into security technology and to strive for excellence in our industry.

Additional information and resources are available for the HID Signo Biometric Reader 25B on the website, or you can view the on-demand webinar, Meet Signo™: The Signature Line of Access Control Readers for a deep dive on the features and benefits HID Signo Readers offer.

For HID WorkforceID, you can request a demo or free trial to learn more about enabling unified, cloud-based identity and access management or subscribe to the Identity and Access Management blog for up-to-date news and information.