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HID Becomes First to Offer SIA OSDP Verified Controllers

 When it comes to offering best-in-class security technology, testing matters. That’s why we are particularly excited to share that several of our product lines, including HID Aero™ Controllers, HID Mercury™ Controllers and HID Signo™ Readers, have all successfully completed testing in the Security Industry Association’s (SIA) OSDP Verified Program for access control units (ACUs).

For context, SIA OSDP Verified is a comprehensive testing program that validates that a device conforms to the Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) standard and related performance profiles. The SIA third-party testing lab verification ensures OSDP Verified products meet stringent OSDP standards. This verification also ensures that devices will work as intended for their access control use cases. For our channel partners and end-users, the OSDP Verified mark means they can easily install and use HID readers and controllers with confidence.

This industry-first verification is of particular importance to us because of our long history with OSDP. In fact, we co-developed the protocol in 2008 and donated it to SIA, free of intellectual property, in 2012. In April 2020, SIA launched its OSDP Verified program to provide testing and validation for devices that conform to the standard.

Curious to learn more about OSDP and its benefits to access control? Check out this video:

For a deeper dive into OSDP and why it is so important, read our latest blog post on the topic: Turning the Spotlight on OSDP. You can also download our free eBook, Demystifying OSDP.

To see a full list, visit the SIA webpage featuring OSDP Verified Products.