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Secure Remote Work With WorkforceID™ Authentication

Today, we're introducing the public preview of WorkforceID Authentication — the next step in our unified workplace identity and access mission. In development long before COVID-19’s effect on where and how we work, it has the potential to bring the security and flexibility organizations are seeking with so many continuing to work from home for the foreseeable future.

The New Age of Remote Work

We recently conducted a survey on the impact of COVID-19 in workplaces to understand what kinds of policy, behavioral and workplace adaptations are already in effect or underway. Responses from over 200 business leaders show that 66% intend to implement a hybrid workplace model permanently. Employees with the ability to complete their job duties remotely may choose the days and times they come to the workplace and the days they continue to work remotely.

66%152 People39%16 People11%27 People5% 12 PeopleA hybrid model; employees will work partiallyfrom home and partially in the workplaceWe will go backto how we werebefore thepandemicHoteling.Employeeswork on aschedule oftheirchoiceWe will be 100%remote going forwardBased on 230 security professional responsesIf you or your business plan to return to work,what does that workplace look like?


What's more, many were unable to respond — meaning they are unsure what their workplace policy will be in the long term. One major lesson that has emerged from the pandemic is the value, if not the necessity, of flexibility in the workplace. Businesses don't know day-to-day if it's safe for employees to travel freely next week or if they will need to adjust their workplace policies and screenings tomorrow. It's necessary to remain flexible. From the data, we see two key trends:

  • Businesses of all sizes, irrespective of industry, are permanently embracing remote work
  • Workplace policies and locations require flexibility for the foreseeable future

WorkforceID Authentication is here to help.

Safely Returning to Work and Continuing Day-to-Day

Even before the pandemic changed almost everything about our day-to-day lives, we saw a shift in workplaces. Secure workplace access was already becoming less defined by the physical perimeter of the workplace. There's one common thing we all need to access our workplace: an identity and an identity credential. For all of us, identity is the only perimeter.

We began to shift our product vision towards a unified approach to physical identity and access management with the initial launch of WorkforceID earlier in 2020. Thankfully, our customers were already equipped to safely welcome employees and visitors back into the workplace with features in WorkforceID Visitor Manager, such as wellness screening questionnaires, contactless check-in, employee and visitor pre-registration, and more. However, this is only helpful for businesses that are occupying the physical workplace. Remote work is increasing, and flexibility is critical. How can we maximize our customer's agility and meet their security needs?

With the public preview of WorkforceID Authentication, we're bringing a higher-level unified approach to workplace safety, security, and flexibility. It's the next step in an ecosystem of applications that will continue to unite the management of both cyber and physical identities and access in a single platform.

Easy to Deploy Multi-Factor Authentication

Adding multi-factor authentication to remote work security doesn't have to be complicated. Not only is WorkforceID Authentication fast and easy to deploy, but it's intuitive for end-users. Several authentication form factors are supported, so you can choose the one that best fits your organization's unique security needs.

Workforce Security for All Applications and Data

WorkforceID Authentication protects applications and data by requiring a second validation via a mobile app to verify user identity before granting access. It is a simple, streamlined log-in experience for every user and application and integrates easily with your existing technology.

Swipe to Approve With Push Authentication

Log in securely with HID Approve, a mobile push authentication app. With a simple swipe, employees can quickly authenticate to prove their identity before accessing protected applications.

And, it's just as quick to deny a fraudulent login attempt. Users can easily stop malicious attempts to access company apps and data with a swipe to decline access.

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Cloud-Based and Secure by Design

WorkforceID Authentication is cloud-based and requires no software to download, install or patch. You'll always be on the latest version. The applications are regularly audited for security and compliance. WorkforceID Authentication exceeds ISO27001 standards, is SOC2 certified and EU GDPR-compliant. Whatever form, schedule, or location your workplace decides to use — or is required to quickly adapt to — we're here to help users remain productive with strong multi-factor authentication. The future may be uncertain, but we know one thing for sure: secure access and continued productivity is here to stay, no matter where, when or how you work.

Learn how WorkforceID Authentication can help secure applications and data while enabling a remote workforce.

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Ian Lowe is Product Marketing Management Director for Workforce Identity Management and is passionate about marketing all things related to identity, cybersecurity, IoT, cloud and digital transformation. In his 19-year career, Ian has become a recognized product marketing and sales enablement leader, having created and launched successful cloud-based identity and security solutions that are used by top technology firms, financial services organizations and governments around the world today.