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Emergency Badging: Securing Vulnerable Environments in Times of Crisis

Given the current environment in the world we live in today, I’ve been thinking quite a lot about what HID can do to help, and I have been reaching out to my contacts in the healthcare industry to better understand their needs during this time of crisis.

You likely know that HID provides solutions for various industry sectors such as healthcare, government and emergency services, and I’d like to share some of the real-life challenges these sectors are facing.

During a recent conversation I had with a well-established US-based healthcare provider, some of their challenges were highlighted for me:

  • Currently, this healthcare provider is onboarding up to 700 additional medical, nursing and other professionals each day across 13 emergency facilities as they ramp up efforts to manage the first wave of this crisis.
  • As it stands today, they have no way to rapidly on-board these individuals. So, a manual sign-in/sign-out process is used at each emergency department on a daily basis. The worker is handed a blank temporary access card at the start of their shift and then hands it back in at the end of the shift.
  • For now, they have suspended all the badging operations that are typically in place. To quote my contact, “the whole badging thing is a bit of a train wreck at the moment.”

I suspect that I could have the same conversation with pretty much any hospital operator across the world and hear a similar or worse situation.

There have also been examples in the media of rogue individuals attempting to obtain access and items by imitating emergency workers.

These events highlight how important it is to issue secure, valid credentials so that people and resources are protected.

In my area of HID, we have solutions that focus specifically on the issuance of secure credentials for key workers across many industries.

HID Global is working with our channel partners to provide touch-free solutions that minimize the impact on already overwhelmed IT departments.

Our global partner network has access to our hardware and online badging solutions, such as HID® FARGO® Connect™ with HID WorkforceID™; this enables us to provide a “no-touch badging” solution to areas that need it most.

Using our WorkforceID and HID FARGO Connect applications, organizations can receive an Emergency Badging promotional offer, which includes everything needed to securely badge temporary employees.

The special promotional offering includes:

  • 6 month free subscription to both WorkforceID and HID FARGO Connect
  • An HID FARGO desktop card printer, for creating ID cards and badges
  • A FARGO Connect Console, a user-friendly tablet-like appliance that centralizes management and control of badging
  • Consumables and cards, as well as subscriptions to our applications and secure cloud environment—allowing organizations to get badging operations implemented immediately

Using our cloud solutions, our partners can also offer remote printer management, card design services and identity management services.

These types of simple, but powerful, solutions can alleviate the strain on over-stretched IT teams.

If you would like to learn more about our Emergency Badging promotional offer, please contact an HID Global advisor.

We also share important insights in our Four Ways to Keep Your Workplace Protected During a Global Health Emergency blog post.

Please check back to see the free webinars that HID will be hosting over the next weeks to highlight best practices in onboarding and badging emergency workers, and the white paper that we will be publishing on these best practices.

Robin is a seasoned cloud software professional, he has worked for over 20 years in the software industry with the last 10+ years focused on Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud based solutions. He is a passionate advocate of modern development techniques such as SCRUM and Agile and is a certified Product Owner. Robin has a keen interest for all things cloud especially with a view to the internet of things.