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Introducing HID Origo™ Developer Portal

We are proud to announce the availability of our HID Origo™ Developer Portal. The portal provides technology partners with the tools and support needed to build apps and API integrations that blend physical and digital employee experiences with technology. "Our physical access cloud platform, HID Origo, was launched in January this year and we are seeing a continuously increasing number of partners integrating with either our software development kits (SDKs) or application programming interfaces (APIs) to create more seamless and intuitive workplace experiences built on HID’s proven access control infrastructure," said Hilding Arrehed, Vice President of Cloud Services, Physical Access Control, with HID Global. "We are very excited to provide a better experience for our growing community of developers and help them to bring access control solutions to market faster by providing them with the right tools and information via a single location from the start."

HID Origo Developer Portal

The HID Origo Developer Portal is a virtual library and forum designed for API partners and application developers to help them get up-to-speed faster. The portal provides them with easy access to the resources they need to succeed with their integrations, in addition to making it easy for them to exchange ideas and experiences, collaborate and inspire each other. Phase One During the first phase, the portal will provide SDKs and APIs that enable developers to build applications for enterprise employees and building occupants to use their smart phones to more securely access buildings, doors, gates, networks and more. By doing so, we not only want to encourage more and more developers to continue building innovative workplace applications but also make it simple for new players to enter the physical access control space, equipped with the tools and support needed to provide empowering digital employee experiences across any application on any device. Solutions like HID Mobile Access® greatly improve user convenience and provide organizations with an easy way to move to a “mobile-only” access-control system model, due to the benefits of integrating numerous applications into a unified mobile experience. Phase Two During phase two, additional developer tools will be made available to partners who would like to connect their access control hardware to the cloud, and to developers who would like to add an app experience on top of an existing access control infrastructure already connected in the cloud—all easily available through APIs and SDKs.

HID Origo Developer Portal Structure

The HID Origo Developer Portal centralizes all the developer focused resources, whether it be announcements, tools or helper guides, and organizes content into four main categories:

  • Downloads will give you direct access to our latest SDKs and APIs
  • Forum will enable you to share ideas and post questions, as well as interact with both HID experts and other members of the community
  • Support makes it easier for you to raise a ticket with HID and follow progress on your logged support cases
  • Resources provides you with access to the following areas:
    • HID Origo API and SDK online training modules
    • An ever-expanding repository of Documentation, Guides and FAQ
    • Videos providing you with quick access to relevant content from our HID Global YouTube channel


HID Global is dedicated to ensuring secure access and storage for our cloud services. Securing and protecting customer data is of the utmost importance to us. To ensure we maintain our customers’ confidence, we have established a comprehensive Information Security Management System (ISMS) to exceed recognized security requirements and continue as the world’s trusted source for identity security. Our HID Origo cloud platform is also validated by industry-leading certifications, including ISO 27001, EU GDPR and CIS benchmarks. To read more about the HID Origo Security Foundations, including Information Security, Compliance and Data Privacy, please visit the security site from the portal’s landing page. You are more than welcome to join our HID Origo Developer Community by registering to the HID Origo Developer Portal.