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HID & Microsoft FIDO2 Security keys for Windows Hello

Passwords are an annoyance for employees, a leading security risk for organizations and costly for IT to support. The IT industry has been on a quest to eliminate passwords for some time and earlier this year, Microsoft announced FIDO2 security keys for Windows Hello so that Windows 10 users can enjoy a password-less world.

FIDO is a new authentication standard that aims to replace passwords with fast, secure, easy to use and phishing resistant authenticators that can come in many different form factors.

HID is a member of the FIDO Alliance and is implementing support for the FIDO2 standard in many of its authenticators. Imagine coming to your office, tapping your badge to open your door and then using your badge and a PIN code to securely login to Windows and access cloud apps without any passwords! HID and Microsoft have been working together to deliver on that vision.

At the Microsoft Ignite conference, Microsoft will demonstrate the use of a Crescendo smart card as a FIDO2 authenticator with Windows 10.

Come see the future of authentication at session BRK2253, “What's new for Windows Hello for Business” (Thursday, September 27, 2018 11:30 AM - 12:15 PM).

If you are new to FIDO, get up to speed by watching HID’s webinar, “How FIDO is Making Organizations More Mobile and Secure.”