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Certifications: A Win-Win for Integrators, End-Users and HID

Third-party certifications of HID Global products help integrators accelerate products to market, which enables their customers to more quickly implement systems that improve process efficiencies.

HID Global's industry and logistics RFID products become vital components in our customers' identification systems. By pursuing third-party certifications for these components, we provide value that goes beyond reliable electronics and durable construction materials. Simply put, our product certifications save development time.

First, certification ensures customers that a given HID product will perform under the conditions required for the end-use application, whether that includes a dry, temperature-controlled, dust-free storage facility, or an industrial application that exposes the product to chemicals, high temperature, and high impact. Certifications help customers quickly identify the HID products that are most suited for reliable performance in the appropriate field conditions.

Second, certification helps integrators speed solutions to market. For each HID product that is pre-certified to meet industry standards for a given application, we remove a hurdle for our customers in their race to market.

Finally, certification provides end-users confidence that the HID components will meet requirements. Plus, by helping speed integrators to market, we are ensuring end-users can more quickly adopt and implement systems that optimize data accuracy, achieve compliance and optimize critical systems.

Certifications require our diligence on a number of fronts, but the effort is well worth it. The outcome is a win-win-win for HID, our developer community, and end-users.

Recently, HID Global achieved ATEX (from the French Appareils destinés à être utilisés en ATmosphères EXplosives) Certification for our Industrial Glass Tag transponders, and the IN Tag™ family of rugged disc transponders. ATEX certification signifies that our RFID tags are safe to be used within explosive-potential environments in industrial applications. Many customers have identified ATEX as important to their applications, and HID is currently pursuing certification for a number of appropriate RFID tags.

The European EPC Competence Center (EECC) is another trusted third party group providing valuable third-party certifications. EECC has certified that our InLine™ Tag Ultra UHF transponders deliver consistent read range performance when mounted on metal or other materials, even in the presence of liquids, enabling the tag to be used as a multipurpose tag across worldwide UHF RFID frequencies. The report saves valuable time in evaluating the tag's performance and it can be downloaded from our web page here.

We will continue to ensure HID Global products meet the standards customers demand. Watch for more announcements as we seek additional certifications across the Industry and Logistics portfolio.

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